Slow going, but at least I am still going!

It has been a long past couple of days. That is part of the reason why I didn’t do my nightly post yesterday, I was too tired and my brain hurt.

Yesterday was a rough day for sure. I had a tremendous headache, every time I tried to do something my head would hurt more. I took a three hour nap shortly after waking up for the day, didn’t think anything of it. Woke up, a couple hours later I was trying to put laundry away, with an excruciating headache, and ended up falling asleep again! Only two hours this time, but that is a long nap since all I was doing was putting away laundry. An hour or so after that, my head started to hurt so bad that I went to lay down again, this time I had a friend be my alarm clock so I only took a 30 min nap.


I was exhausted, didn’t want to do anything and dinner was fast approaching. I had decided screw dinner. I was not going to make dinner. Janice could have chicken nuggets and Andy could figure out his own dinner, even though he did just work ALL day. That was my plan and I was sticking to it. Made Janice her chicken fingers, but she needed more than that, so I cooked up the broccoli and made a pasta alfredo side (took all of 5 min.) THEN, I remembered I pulled out the fish already. You can’t refreeze fish, you could but you shouldn’t. It creates all sorts of bacteria! Yuck! So then I just knew I had to cook it  up . We don’t have the money to be wasting food like that.

It took 6 min to make my plate, and 6 to make Andy’s. I am proud to say, it was good. Even Andy liked it, and he hates fish. The good thing about Tilapia is that it doesn’t taste like much of anything. It is a great starter fish because it tastes like whatever you put on it. I blackened it so it tasted like spices.



Janice and I made up her before bed routine page, complete with pictures and she loved it. She was so excited, and even followed it to a t. She was in her room by 8:00pm. That never happens. She didn’t fall asleep on her own, I can’t wait until she does. I clean up my kitchen and then went to lay with her. She has a lulaby cd she listens to at night. It has 17 tracks, I always tell her that when the cd is over I am leaving. She tosses and turns, as I rub her tummy or back, for the whole thing. At tack 14 I remind her when its over I am leaving… she is ALWAYS asleep before track 16 starts..little brat.

Good news is, I went to bed with a clean house AGAIN. It was great, Janice picked up the living room and put everything away, before dinner. She was excited to help, it makes her proud of her self.

My head was still in a lot of pain. The head ache seemed to worsen as the day progressed so I emailed my doctor to see what she thought I should do. First thing this morning, I had gotten an email saying the office would call to set up an appointmet, I should be seen right away. They called shortly after opening, to set up my appointment, wanted me to come in right away, but I wasn’t allowed to drive myself. So I had to wait until 3 for Andy to get home so he could drive me!

It was a long day, took a shower, took a nap, went to the doctor. The doctor was very nice, not the usual doctor I see but very nice. She did a series of tests to check out all areas of my brain, I passed. Andy thought it was hilarious!  Janice loved when she did the reflex test. The doctor even checked Janice’s reflexes, she loved that even more. I passed, which is a good thing. The doctor said I have a mild concussion, but nothing that wont work its self  out. She told me to try and rest my brain… dark quiet rooms, no housework, no reading, no watching tv, (Im sure no blogging, but she didn’t say no computer), no housework, no stimulation of the brain basically because it would cause it to strain thus making the healing process that much longer.

We got home from dinner, (we got paid today and I decided I din’t want to cook, a habit we NEED to break.) I took a two hour nap, it was nice. Now, as I am writing this even, I am in the process of getting Janice to sleep. I told her she could sleep on the couch tonight. She was mad, said it wasn’t on the list. I said it was a special night since its a weekend, she was okay with it then. The real reason was that I didn’t want to fight with her, unfortunately we are still fighting over stuff.

All I need to do before I can go to bed is put the dishes away, and wipe down the counters. The living room is clean, the dining room is clean. I am proud of myself that even though I am in a lot of pain, I am still able to do the basics and keep my house clean. I didn’t do my baby step today, but rather then getting mad at myself about it and giving up, I will just do it tomorrow. After all, Slow and Steady wins the race!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kathy Peters Prater
    Aug 05, 2011 @ 21:50:17

    🙂 Get some rest still!


  2. jillnottelten
    Aug 06, 2011 @ 02:38:11

    sometimes your baby steps get changed and you do different ones. Make sure you give yourself credit for that.
    Speaking as someone who has spent time with both a brain that has taken a hiding and periods of chronic severe headache – I’d say managing the pain qualifies as a step of its own.


  3. Anonymous
    Aug 08, 2011 @ 22:11:04

    Glad you went to the doctor!! Love ya!



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