It might actually work this time!

I had a good day today. I accomplished a lot, and received some great compliments!

It was a late start today. I couldn’t sleep last night, due to being afraid I had hurt baby, and because it was so hot. Finally at around 4am, I felt baby moving around so I was able to actually get into a deep sleep. Got out of bed and played a small game of housework bingo. Glad I did because its what got me really up and moving.

Janice and I put the baby bed up! It was quite the process!

We had a hard time putting it up!

We were quite the pair trying to get this bed up and together. FINALLY after some facebook friends, and good ol you tube… we figured out how to put it all together!

What a big helper!

She was proud of all the hard work that we accomplished. We took about 5 pictures, because she was so excited and wanted to keep posing with the bed!  She sure is a cutey.

Once we got the bed up and made, it was time to go through the clothes. Every time I would get them sorted into piles my cute daughter would mess them up all over again. I had to remind myself she was cute more than once today. I decided it would be best if I did it myself, and told her to go watch her shows.

Here it is, all sorted and packed away.

Ready for its first hockey game!

The tote from yesterdays post has all the clothes 6months and larger. They are divided in sections depending on size, with a piece of fabric between the sizes so I know where that size ends. Boy is on one side and girl is on the other side, making it a little easier to go through.

The baby’s corner is almost done. We will be hanging a shelf that will hold all of the diapers, and they will be in arms reach of the changing pad. I am also thinking that I should hang up some sort of art work above the bed so baby can have something bright to look at.

So that was an acomplishment and would have gone to bed having a great day, but thats not all that happened!

For the past month, we have been dealing with a ‘broken’ air conditoner. It was broken, it just wasnt working correctly. We told the landlord, he sent someone over who cleaned it out and it worked a bit better. A week went by, and the apartment was still not cool. The coolest it got to was 84. Thats not cool for a pregnant woman trust me! Told the landlord again today and they stopped by again.

They knocked on the door, and I was able to open it proudly, instead of being embarassed. I said “come on in, don’t mind the clutter” Baby steps…progress not prefection. They came in, found the return air vent. It was hiding BEHIND the fridge. It was DISGUSTING!!! We moved the fridge to where the table was and moved the table to where the fridge was. I’ll post a picture tomorrow. It fantastic! We love the new look, and now that the vent was been all washed out, it has space in front of it for the air to flow! We are hoping that by tomorrow it will get cool in here, finally!

After they left, my sweet husband said “You have NO idea how happy I am that you have been cleaning this house all week.” What a great thing to hear. He hates that our house is messy, its embarassing. He didn’t even like when his family came over, because like I said it is embarassing! Not now, we were able to have two people in our house, (one who was our landlord, and we work with both of them) and NOT be embarassed. I can’t wait for the day when I can open the door and say “Come In” Loudly and Proudly! I have only been flying again for a week and so much progress has happened already. It didn’t get messy in a week, it wont get clean in a week!

I could have ended my day then, and felt great…but it isn’t over yet! I have more to share!

A good friend of mine came over today. She hadn’t been over in a while. The last time she was here, the house was like it always was, a mess and in shambles. When she walked in the door, she said “WOW, look how great it is in here! So clean and open! Look at all that space.”  I was so happy, I was glowing! It is the little things that people say, that they don’t even realize, that make your day!

After dinner, the kitchen was a disaster! I didn’t even want to clean it up. Janice and I had played with her easy bake oven so the table was a wreck. There were dirty dishes ALL over the counter and stove and sink. I so didn’t want to worry about cleaning all that up, but I did. In 20 minutes I Loaded the dishwasher, cleaned the sink, cleaned the stove, started a new pitcher of  tea, put away the easy bake oven, tied my shoe, wiped down the table, packed Andy’s lunch, wiped off all my counters, soaked the crock pot to hand wash, lit the candle that sits on the table, drank a large glass of water, AND no thats it!  Yea thats right, my disaster zone kicthen is sparkling again in just 20 min. I am so happy that I decided to restart my baby steps!

Speaking of baby steps. Today was step 8, which was starting my control journal. I am proud of what I have done with it so far, but its a work of progress just like cleaning the house. Tomorrow’s baby step is one we need bad in this house. Number 9 is learn how to de-clutter your house a few min at a time.I can’t wait to rid my house of clutter!

My heat burn keeps creeping up so it is time for me to go to bed, AFTER I wash out that crock pot I left to soak.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Raven
    Aug 03, 2011 @ 23:47:37

    Way to ROCK IT MAMA!!!!! *Hugs G’night get some rest!!!


  2. Amanda
    Aug 04, 2011 @ 01:52:38

    It’s because of you that I went into my kitchen, looked around, and thought to myself, -I- have 15 minutes!!!
    Coffee’s all ready for tomorrow, dishwasher’s running, and I’m about to throw a load in
    Thank you. 🙂


    • Penguin's Palette
      Aug 04, 2011 @ 08:55:34

      Good Job Amanda! So happy that I could inspire you! It is amazing what you can get done in just 15 or 20min!!


  3. rachel817
    Aug 04, 2011 @ 12:00:45

    Good job! Glad you and the baby are fine. The baby space looks great.


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