Just another (not so) Manic Monday!

My day today was pretty low key and slowly paced, which was nice!

I woke up with horrible morning sickness, which caused me to not dress to my shoes, or even get dressed at all. In fact even now, while winding down for the night, I am still in my pajamas! Don’t worry, I still got a lot done today!!

I made dinner, that was step one. Made a pot roast in the crock pot, it was really good, especially the fatty parts! I even cleaned up after dinner. I can hear the dishwasher going now, its a relaxing sound because I know it means my kitchen is clean!

I worked in Janice’s room quite a bit. Still have more work to do, but I sorted all of her clothes which was much needed! When she gets home I am going to turn her into a fashion model so I can get rid of all of her 5t pants that don’t fit. By get rid of, I mean pack away in a tote until we find out if we are having a girl or not, doesn’t make sense throwing them away if I will need them soon anyway! I packed up all of her smaller clothes for that exact reason too.

I put out two “hot spots” which was my baby step for the day anyway. They both look so much better… it’s a good feeling making your home less cluttered, one hot spot at a time. I still have 100’s more, because lets face it, my whole house is a hot spot.

Over a week ago, some friends and I, went to a new goodwill outlet that sells by the pound. I got three BIG bags of clothes for the baby, and some for Janice. I also got all of the flannel and fleece I will need to make my inserts for my diapers. They have been in the car this whole time, waiting for their turn in the washing machine. Well my amazing husband surprised me today by bringing up all the bags, washed, dried and ready to be worn! It made my night! I was ecstatic! I went through them and separated them, once I get somewhere to put them I will separate them some more. I forgot how cute baby clothes are, maybe its because I am a mom!

Tomorrow, I plan on finishing the bed room. Okay, okay, not FINISHING but at least getting the baby’s area ready to go. I am excited to see it done. Although the baby is sleeping in our room, (don’t get me started), I have decided to NOT place the bed right next to mine. I don’t sleep well when I can hear other people moving around, or breathing. Its not fair for me to ask the baby to not move or breathe, so I just wot place it right next to my ears! I already have a basic idea of how I want things, so I am excited to see how it all turns out.

One of the things I have done, since I started flying again, is turn my already small kitchen into an eat in kitchen. Let me just tell you, I love it!

table in the kitchen, with a yummy baked apple pie candle!!

At first I was afraid I wouldn’t like it, but oh do I ever. We haven’t used it often, partly because Janice has been gone, but I am trying to not beat myself up about it. The biggest thing I am empressed about is that I have been able to keep it clear, the entire time its been in there. My dining room table was ALWAYS a mess, we couldn’t eat on it even if we wanted to. I think because the table is in the kitchen, and the kitchen is cleaned every night before bed, I am able to keep the table clean!

My house is still looking good. Instead of becoming upset that I didn’t get dressed to my shoes today, I am enjoying what I was able to accomplish. Tomorrow my baby step will be a tough one for me. #7 is picking out your clothes for the day, the night before. I have never been a fan of that, so we will see how it goes. I might get Andy to do that one too, because then he doesn’t have to rummage around the bed room at 2am looking for clothes to ware.

Tomorrow is Tuesday, and over at 5 Minutes for Mom they have a thing called “Tackle It Tuesday.” A bunch of moms, will write a post about a project they have been wanting to tackle, with before and after pictures. I am not going to tell you what project mine will be, because it would take away the element of surprise. I will, however, tell you that I am extremely excited to participate, and have already taken before pictures! Might not get it down tomorrow, but at least it will be started!

I am going to go enjoy my last night child free, might even allow myself to fall asleep on the couch, who knows!


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