When I take a break, I mean it!!

So apparently I don’t mess around when I take a break from my blog. I haven’t had a post in over a year, and the post before that one, well there was over a year gap there too!

I have been told to take some time off of work, luckily only a month not a year. Well, I decided to take up blogging again. I remember how good it made me feel to have an outlet, plus the encouraging comments of inspiration are always nice.

My depression is still there for sure, wouldn’t say it has gotten worse persay.

I am currently 24 weeks pregnant with my second child and it has been kicking my arse! This pregnancy is way harder than my first one. I have all day morning sickness, and I am currently suffering with a severe bladder infection (don’t worry I will spare you the details.)

So, I am out of work for the next month, and although I am dreading the financial strain it will cause I do believe it will be a blessing in disguise. It will give me the perfect opportunity to get the house ready for baby, get routines down pat with my almost 5 year old, get in the habit of menu planning to make sure I can continue with it once I do go back. It will also give me a small taste of what it will be like when I am out of work once baby is born. More importantly though, it will allow me to take care of myself, and get healthy so I can be the best mom, wife, and ME that I can be!

I am starting my ‘flying’ again tonight with baby step #1…. for more info on that hop on over to www.flylady.net  and I am hoping that this will be ‘the’ time I stick with it.

Feel free to hang out and come along with me if you would like….if not, I wont know so I wont care! 😉


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