Personal Challenge of the Week- Aug 2

So I wanted to start a personal challenge of the day but it didn’t work out so well, so I decided that I would turn it into Personal Challenge of the Week instead, it seems more manageable.

I just finished re arranging my furniture and created a new work space in my studio!!

new work area, dont you love it!!!!

new work area, don't you love it!!!!

For the longest time I have wanted a ‘L’ shaped desk and have never gotten one. The table was originally our kitchen table that we never sit at and it just uses up so much room and collects junk. I decided to take it out of the kitchen to open up the kitchen and put it to better use! I cant wait to start crafting again!!!

My Personal Challenge of the Week is to make something crafty, an atc, altered box or tin, draw out my new tattoo, make Janice some doll clothes, SOMETHING!!! If you would like to participate in the Personal Challenge of the week feel free to tell me about your experience in a comment or add the link to your blog post!!

Have a good week and get crafty!!!!


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