Menu Plan Monday- Aug 3- Aug 9

Last weeks menu was a hit, there wasn’t one dish we didn’t enjoy! We really liked the enchilada casserole and I was surprised with how easy it is to make. The 40 clove garlic chicken was the best chicken I have ever tasted!!! All in all it was a good week and I have some left overs for next week!

Here is my menu for the week of Aug 3- Aug 9…. I am trying to keep my grocery bill less than $50 this week so we will see what happens!! I will post the recipes tomorrow, I have a horrible head ache and I am going to get some rest! I have also decided that one meal a week will have no meat in it!!


Monday: Pork Steaks on the Grill with grilled corn and cheese

Tuesday: Indian Tacos

Wednesday: Garlic Potato Soup (meat less)

Thursday: Poppy Seed Chicken Casserole

Friday: Chicken Dumpling Soup

Saturday: Stuffed Peppers

Sunday: Leftovers
Menu Plan Monday is hosted by Laura but this week it will be hosted by The Happy House Wife…check out both sites for many more menu planning ideas!!


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