Just another Friday

Today has been an interesting day! Nothing too exciting happened but it was still interesting none the less.

I tried the 40 clove garlic chicken in the crock pot today and at first it was a bit of a challenge… I don’t have a very large crock pot and my chicken wouldn’t fit inside of it with out poking out of the top. I had a full bird and although it was a small one at only 4lbs it still didn’t fit.  I borrowed a big roast pan from my brother in laws place and was going to slow cook it in there instead. I went on line to see what temperature I should cook it at and for how long, and didn’t like any of the results I found because it wold have been done in just 3 hours. I decided to MAKE the chicken fit into the crock pot.

I took the meat out of the crock pot and placed it onto the cutting board. I then proceded to hack off one of the thighs so that I could SHOVE the bird back into the pot. IT ROCKED! It was very nice to take my agression out on that bird! I know that shounds horrible but it was nice! I think when people get upset they should grab a chicken (already dead of course) and try and rip out the leg! Man I really do sound like a horrible person! I will digress!

The chicken turned out delicious and it was an amazing meal! We had homemade mashed potatoes, home made gravy and some peas. My husband was very impressed with my “Suzy Homemaker Meal!” It was very good and I am sad that we hadn’t tried it before! I am going to make it for some holiday meal coming up, just not sure which one! TRY IT! The recipe for it is HERE.

I decided I wanted to change the name of my blog. This is now the third name and hopefully the last! I wanted something catchy and original. I first had it set to Manic Mama, but there is already a Manic Mama out there and I didnt want someone to think I was coping them since my blog is only 9 days old. Then I went to GarageBandFan, and my URL will be the same. My name for everything is GarageBandFan, its been my user name for years, for everything that I have ever done on line. So, I figure why not, well its not catchy and I when I was trying to come up with a header it was just impossible. So now, my blogs name is THE PENGUIN’S PALETTE!

I love penguins always have and always will. They are my favorite animal of all time, I am like a little kid when I see a penguin at the zoo and have even devised a plan to take one home with me! If you have read my about me, you know that I spent some time in jail. Not something I am proud of, but it happened. Well one day one lady was telling another one a joke and asks “What kind of better doesn’t fly” Me half asleep, and completely out of it blurts out “A PENGUIN…A PENGUIN DOESN’T FLY” well the answer to the joke was a Jail Bird but my answer works too. After I got out my husband (who was just a boyfriend at the time) got my a shirt with a penguin on it that says “I wish I could fly.” Ever since that happened everyone in my family has made fun of me and asked me if the penguin has learned how to fly yet. well I am trying to learn how to fly so it really is fitting!

I hope you all enjoy the new look, and just to let you know I just added a new cattegory to the recipe contest…. check it out HERE!


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