Personal Challenge of the Day-Day 1

So I have decided to do a Personal Challenge of the Day to help myself overcome some things that have been bothering me, or to learn more about myself, or just to get out of bed each morning! We will see how it goes, I am going to try and do this for 100 days but we will see what happens….

For quite some time now I have wanted to start a Gratitude Journal. A Gratitude Journal is simply a journal where each days you list some things that you are grateful. Some people turn it into a scrap book, come people make it just a list, and some people will explain their list like it was a regular journal. You can list anywhere from 5 things to 50 things but you are supposed to be able to list the same amount of things each day. I am going to try and list 5 things each day that I am grateful, in 30 days I am going to raise it by 5 and start listing 10 items.

All of the research I did on Gratitude Journal’s show that if you do it for even 30 days you will become a different person because you will be sitting there and actually reaching into your mind and soul trying to figure out what you are grateful for, even on the worst of your days. The nice thing about this is that there will always be the ‘fall back on’ items that you are grateful for with out thinking about it, family, laughter, health, shelter, food…… Because of the fact that I am suffering through so much depression right now I am going to limit my self to only 2 fall back on items.

So today’s

Personal Challenge of the Day

Day One

Start My Gratitude Journal

Does anyone else have a gratitude journal or want to start one?? I would love to hear from you!

If you would like to check out participating blogs or participate in Personal Challenge of the Day on your blog click on Mister Linky below!!!!


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  1. Snow White
    Aug 03, 2009 @ 06:20:53

    Hi there. Just stopped by from MPM and am having a look around. I don’t have a gratitude journal, but I do participate in Gratituesday — which has helped me focus on the positives in my life (in the midst of battling with anxiety and depression). Gratituesday is hosted each week by Laura at Check it out.


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