Menu Plan Friday???

So the rules of menu plan Monday are simple, you post your menu on Monday, (they get more detailed than that but that’s the gist.) Well Monday is coming up and before I post next weeks menu I want to post this one so I can try and get the hang of what I want to do and see how hard the task is going be.

So here goes nothing!

Menu for the week of Monday July 13 through Sunday July 19

Monday: Chili

Tuesday: Chili Mac (great way to create extra leftovers)

Wednesday: Pork Tenderloin with dirty rice and corn

Thursday: Open face tuna sandwiches with fruit salad

Friday: Chicken Rigatoni with home made alfredo sauce

Saturday: Leftovers (in hopes to clean out the fridge)

Sunday: Nephews birthday party

So normally I do pretty good sticking to my meal plan. Thursday we did go out to eat, but it was spur of the moment, so we ended up having the sandwiches today for lunch. We usually have left overs Sunday to clean out the fridge before I go grocery shopping Monday morning but since we are going to be out of town we are doing it tomorrow instead!

My goal is to now type in the recipes for my meals and turn the names of them into links, it might take me a while to get the hang of it, but thats the whole point of my this post. In the future I will probably wait to post the recipes until after I have made it at least once so I can right my notes about the meal.


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