Hiking in the woods, in the city???

Today started out as a horrible day! I hurt my back really bad last night and because of I didn’t sleep good at all. Janice woke up somewhat early and was ready to go right away. Every step I took was gut wrenching and I wanted to scream! Driving my dad to dialysis was extremely painful and it just put me in an overall crappy mood. After I ate a little I took some Alieve and it helped ease the pain.

When Andy got home from work we had some lunch and then decided to go out and do something because the weather was beautiful. This summer has been extremely hot and humid and I don’t like the heat, or the humidity so we haven’t really done much. He brought me to this park that was awesome!! It was trails and woods and summits all nestled into the city! Nobody knows about it so there is never anyone there and it was beautiful!

emmenegger state park, BEAUTIFUL!

emmenegger state park, BEAUTIFUL!

There was tons of different routes to take and unfortunately we didn’t get to spend a lot of time there. We had to pick up my dad from dialysis and only had about 45min. we do plan on going back that’s for sure. Janice loved it, except for the steep rock hill we decided to walk up. Every step you took you slid back down the hill. I had to carry her and myself all the way up the hill. It really made me realize just how out of shape I am.

The park was beautiful at the top of the summit you could look over and see a city and that was neat. Its crazy how beautiful and peaceful it is right there in the middle of a large city. It was really easy to get to, yet nobody ever goes! Doesn’t really make since to me. Andy said that the only people who go are teen lovers!!

There were these weird orange mushrooms that I had never seen before. Andy said I should eat one but I didn’t want to since I didn’t know if they were poisonous or a hallucinogenic. They were growing out of a fallen tree stump. Definitely an interesting find that’s for sure.

if anyone knows what these are I would love to learn

if anyone knows what these are I would love to learn

Right at the entrance of the park was a cool sign. It said “Take only pictures, leave only footprints. No collecting allowed” Although I don’t agree with the sign I still love it! I would have liked it more had it not added the no collecting allowed.  The park itself was beautiful and the wildlife inside was amazing also. Janice got to get very close to a frog and if she wouldn’t have screamed and made it jump away she probably would have been able to touch it.

It really helps your spirit to get outside in the sun, and to be doing an activity. I felt much better physically and mentally after the hike. Its hard to stay sad when you are surrounded by beauty and nature like that. I want to do more things like that and I really need to bring Janice out more.  Andy said that I will probably be going out and doing more things just to have something to write about! There might be some truth to that statement!


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