The Art Museum really is fun!!!!

I have been living in St Louis for almost two years now and have been to only a FEW places. There is so much to do in St Louis that is free and family friendly, and unfortunately I still have not been to many of these places. There is a park in St Louis that is known world wide and was actually the host of the 1904 worlds fair, Forest Park. This park is amazing, within the park is the Zoo, Art Museum and the History Museum (which of course is all completely free.) There are so many other things that this park has to offer, a boathouse where you can rent a paddle boat or canoe, bike rentals, pavilions, the Muny (which is an outdoor opera house) and much much more. I fell in love with this park right away. I had been to the zoo twice since I moved here and have never even driven through the park before!!!

My mother in law brought me to the Art Museum and to lunch for an early birthday present, because she knows how much I love art and knew I hadn’t been before! It was AMAZING! I had NEVER been to an art museum before, much less this one! There was amazing paintings, sculptures, and photographs. I had such a blast. We spent nearly four hours there and could have stayed longer. The art was breathtaking and the fact that it was free was a nice touch. The cool thing about the museum is that they offer ART CLASSES!! We got to see one of the children’s classes and Nancy was pretty sure that they offered adult classes as well! I will be checking into that shortly!! WOOT We also went to lunch at a nice restaurant inside the museum called Puck. I had an amazingly delicious White Garlic Pizza. YUMM!!

The St Louis Art Museum (photo courtesy of

The St Louis Art Museum (photo courtesy of

Once we left the museum we drove around the park some more and I feel even more in love with it than I was on the first drive.  I feel in love with the park so much that I have decided  to have Janice’s Golden Birthday party there. I am contacting the park tomorrow to get information about reservations and permits! I am so excited!!! It will be a perfect place for a three year old birthday party. The kids could go to the zoo, there is tons of space so I could still hire a clown! SO EXCITING!

The day was over all a good one! Once we returned home there was some family over and it went well, surprisingly. We decided to all go to dinner, minus my husband who was practicing for an acoustic gig he has coming up. We went to a restaurant I had never been before called The Taco Stand and it was scrumptious! We ate outside and although we got sprinkled on it was overall a very nice meal.

I went to bed last night pretty distressed and didn’t get much sleep. My cousin Philip died Saturday and its been really hard to deal with. I am having extreme feelings of guilt that I am not able to be with my family right now in their time of grief. I am sure they all understand why I am not there but I still feel horrible. The wake is on Sunday and its going to be extremely hard to not be there. My nephew, on my husbands side, is turning two Sunday and we will all be out at Nancy and Dan’s celebrating and its going to be hard. I already warned everyone that I am going to be standoffish and withdrawn. I don’t want to go at all but my husband thinks its a good idea I surround myself with laughter rather than being in a quiet house all by my self for the day.

I am hoping that I can stay positive and that I dont sink deeper than I am now. I just need to remember to breathe and take it one day at a time. I also need to get better at spending time outdoors and doing more activities with Janice. I would love to get out and meet other mothers in the area, but that might take some time!


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